I’m in Lisbon but the Hotel is in Alentejo! Can my dog still stay with you?

Don’t worry, we have our very own pickup/delivery service! The doggy bus service, which is included in the price of the stay, makes two trips a week to and from Lisbon, usually on Thursdays and Sundays (excepting national holidays or the beginning of the high season)
The meeting points for hotel transport are the following:
– Alfornelos
– Monsanto
– Almada

The delivery/pick-up time is usually between 19h and 20h30, subject to previous confirmation.
For deliveries and pick-ups directly at the hotel, please get in touch with the hotel staff to discuss the schedule and to get directions to the hotel.

Do you accept non-neutered males?

We only accept neutered males, since non-neutered males spend a lot of time worrying females as well as neutered males. Non-neutered males are usually more disagreeable with other dogs, and will also urinate indoors to mark their territory.

Where do the dogs sleep during their stay at the country club?

Our Country Club Hotel is located on a farm in Alentejo (Southern Portugal), which also serves as residence for the team members working there. Just like in any dog-loving household, the dogs sleep indoors, allocated to different rooms depending on the dog’s traits or preference.

The ones who are particularly attached to humans can sleep next to their human companion’s bed, while others might sleep on sofas, puffs, mattresses, or on the cool ground in the summer if they wish. In the winter, the house is heated for everyone’s comfort.

How do I know if my dog will adapt to life in the group?

All staff members at Clã do Cão handle dogs on a daily basis and have a background in ethology/animal behaviour. Dogs are only taken in after an exploratory screening, to allow our team to gauge the dog’s social skills.

Communication is key: in dog groups it in perfectly normal for the occasional conflict to occur, but our team is always present to manage these situations and to make sure that no one is a victim of bullying.

In some slightly problematic cases, or in the case small dogs, we will split the dogs up into smaller groups, so everyone can enjoy themselves.

What items should I provide?

An up-to-date vaccination record is mandatory, as well as up-to-date tick, flea and mosquito prevention. Since our hotel is located in a rural environment, there is always more risk of contracting parasites than in an apartment.

Food should also be provided by the owner, to avoid issues arising from a sudden change in diet. We can provide beds and blankets, but your dog prefers their own, you can send it along.

When checking in we like perform a short medical check-up, but if your dog has any specific issues or is taking any medication please notify us at once.