Basic Obedience and Behavior Modification Training

To be able to make the most of family life with our dog, it is essential that our dogs learns to fit into a profoundly human world – which is not always easy, nor is it innate.

We want them to know how to be calm at home when alone, we do not want them to bite humans or other dogs, we want to walk them on a leash without being dragged, we want them to pee and poop in the right spots and we do not want our furniture ruined… Humans are very demanding, but as pet-parents they do not always know the best way to reach their goal of clearly and adequately communicating with their dogs.

That’s where the staff of Clã do Cão steps in: We are trained to help you communicate with your dog more effectively!

The pet-parent is a crucial part in out training sessions. You are the one living with him/her every day, and you know your dog best. We do not believe in a “boarding school” approach to training, and we want total transparency in our methods  – nothing happens to your pet that you are not allowed to see, and you should be able to use and understand all tools and approaches – and have a fun and relaxed time while doing so!

Training of Dangerous or Potentially Dangerous Dogs

In addition to obedience training and / or behavior modification,  Clã do Cão is also pleased to announce that training services for Potentially Dangerous breeds are available.

These training sessions are required by law for all Potentially Dangerous breeds and cross breeds, and can only be lectured by a DGAV accredited trainer. The purpose of these training sessions is to promote greater obedience and socialization of the so-called “potentially dangerous” dogs, culminating in an obedience test called BH (these initials stand for “Begleithundeprüfung” – Test for Companion Dogs in German).

The amount of training needed to achieve the required goals will always depend on the level of obedience (or lack thereof) that the dog already has, as well as the commitment of the owner – and thus varies on a case-by-case basis.

We have to stress again that these training sessions should be provided in close contact with the pet-parent,  because the dog can not simply be “set up for the test” in the hands of the trainer – he/she must achieve the objectives together with his tutor to be a real success.

Clã do Cão does not agree with breed specific legislation that catalogues some breeds as inherently more dangerous than others. We believe that each dog is an individual, but that training and socialization are always important and benefit any dog.